Norgall Award

A highlight of the club year is the presentation of the Elisabeth Norgall Award in memory of our founder. It is awarded annually in March to a woman who, on her own initiative and altruistically, works for the interests and problems of women.
Since 1978, the prize has been awarded annually to one German and one foreigner, alternately. The prize money and a certificate are presented during the course of a symbolic, festive event. The regional and national press are customarily invited to the award ceremony.

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Gräfin zu Solms-Wildenfels
Norgall awardee 2020
Chungja Agnes Kim 2019
Norgall awardee 2019
Barbara Staecker 2018
Norgall awardee 2018
Virginia Wangare-Greiner 2017
Norgall awardee 2017
Hanne Brenner 2016
Norgall awardee 2016
Jasmina Prpic 2015
Norgall awardee 2015
Ursula Biermann 2014
Norgall awardee 2014
Cornelia Fischer 2013
Norgall awardee 2013
Orla Klippe 2012
Norgall awardee 2012
V. Ìsleifsdóttir-Bickel 2011
Norgall awardee 2011
Doris Kliehm 2010
Norgall awardee 2010
Lotti Latrous 2009
Norgall awardee 2009
Monika Hesse 2008
Norgall awardee 2008
Elena Mereacre 2007
Norgall awardee 2007
Stella Deetjen 2006
Norgall awardee 2006
Weitere Preisträgerinnen

Awardees prior to 2006:


2005 Aicha Ech-Channa (MA)
2004 Margarete von der Borch (D)
2003 Brigitte Pleyer (A)
2002 Sybille Schnehage (D)
2001 Anne Wanjugu (Kenia)
2000 Sabriye Tenberken (D)
1999 Dr. h.c. Gertrud Bärtschi (CH)
1998 Jutta W. Thomasius (D)
1997 Donka Paprikova (BG)
1996 Wera Röttgering (D)
1995 Diana Morales (PE)
1994 Maria von Welser (D)
1993 Aicha Belarbi Alaoui (MA)
1992 Dr. Kerstin Schön (D)
1991 Dr. Zahira H. Abdin (ET)
1990 Monika Ceglarz (D)
1989 Nevâl Gültekin (TR)
1988 Liesel Christ (D)
1987 Sr.Maria do Divino Redentor (P)
1986 Charlotte Hesser (D)
1985 Dr. Anitra Karsten (SF)
1984 Ursula Schmidt (D)
1983 Dr. Krystyna Graef (PL)
1982 Brigitte Pross (D)
1981 Prinzessin Margaret von Hessen und bei Rhein (GB)
1980 Pia Näbauer (D)
1979 Maci MacCormack (USA)
1978 Rosemarie Wolf-Almanasreh (D)

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