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Elisabeth-Norgall-Awardee 2018
Barbara Stäcker

In 2012, Barbara Stäcker, along with seven others, founded the non-profit Association Nana - Recover your Smile e.V.. In addition, Mrs. Stäcker has co-authored several books on the subject of disease and dying.

Nana – Recover your Smile e.V. is based on an idea of her daughter’s, Nana Stäcker, who died in January 2012 at the young age of 21. Together with a Munich make-up school, Nana developed the concept of offering women suffering from cancer free make-up and styling courses with photo shootings. The aim is to restore the self-confidence lost as a result of the signs of the desease and the hair loss caused by chemotherapy, and thus regain the joy that appearance and beauty can bring.

Nana designed a first logo, wrote infotexts and launched a first facebook page in the autumn of 2011. She wanted to pass on to other sufferers the courage and strength she had derived from her own rediscovery of beauty.

Due to her early death, Nana could not further develop her project. Barbara Stäcker has continued Nana's legacy. Just four months after the death of her daughter she founded the Association. The free make-up courses and photo shoots let women with cancer have a memorable and happy day, away from suffering. More than 700 women already have experienced such a special day through Barbara Stäcker's Association, have been in the spotlight for one day and have forgotten the illness. "The participants look on their photos months later as a reassurance when they feel bad. Others blossom after the shoot, and for the first time they dare to go out for dinner with their husband, "says Barbara Stäcker.

Norgall - Committee
Chairperson 1.Vice President Cornelia Klaus

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