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Elisabeth-Norgall-Awardee 2016
Hanne Brenner

“You are only disabled if you disable yourself!”
This is the motto of Hannelore, or rather Hanne Brenner.

The top level athlete from Rheinland Pfalz was born in 1963 in the city of Lueneburg. Her equestrian life began at the age of 12 and was abruptly cut short after a riding accident, which left her paraplegic. Although she was forced to rethink her future, she refused to lose her strength and courage and went on to complete her studies in Business Administration in Heidelberg. After 17 successful years working for Deutsche Telekom she began her employment for Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz in 2009. Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz is the State's largest sports sponsor and was very sympathetic to Ms. Brenner's athletic hobbies and supported her efforts. She lives with her coach and life partner on their equestrian farm in Rheinhessen.

Hanne Brenner has been an active participant in both national and international dressage competitions for handicapped athletes since 1999.  She has competed in the Paralympics in Athens, Hong Kong and London and has won a total of 39 medals. She won twenty seven of these medals while competing with her mare “Women of the World”.

In 2013 Ms. Brenner founded the association “Kleine Glücksritter e.V.“ after a particular experience involving her riding activities. On a Sunday in April of 2012, a 12 year old girl sat on a dark brown gelding called “Figaro” and was very happy. Every week this young girl rode, Figaro in order to forget her illness and to bolster her confidence and disposition. Several months later she passed away and Ms. Benner decided that children with serious afflictions should be able to have affordable access to horses as a means of alleviating their pain and suffering.
The association takes care to choose horses whose character and training are compatible with this form of equine therapy. It provides financial assistance to horse owners partaking in the program, as well as transportations costs for families. These services are provided in the Rhein-Neckar region.  

The board is very conscientious about bringing families together with local horse owners. The association’s declared objective is to provide children who wish to spend time with horses with an opportunity to do so. Its long term goal is to give this chance to children all over Germany. 

“This encounter with a terminally ill child showed me how important horses can be for these children.  Children trust these large and gentle animals and are able to forget their worries, diseases and hospitals. I hope that many  'Kleine Glücksritter' will be able to enjoy this experience."
Hanne Brenner

Norgall-Award-Committee 2015/2016: 
Chairperson 1.Vice President Susanne Held

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