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Portrait of the International Women's Club of Frankfurt

The IWC, founded in 1946 by Frankfurt teacher Elisabeth Norgall, is a non-profit, politically and religiously independent association of women. Its goal is to overcome the divisions between nations and cultures through contacts and mutual acquaintance, to develop understanding for one another and thus contribute to peace and friendship in the world.

The IWC currently gives its approximately 420 members from 58 nations

the opportunity to develop their ideas and skills, to pursue common interests

and to gain insight into the diversity of cultures.

The IWC promotes the exchange of experiences and ideas

through joint learning and participation in numerous interest groups.

Elisabeth Norgall

Elisabeth Norgall - Founder of our club
* 10. 3. 1887 † 31. 8. 1981


The history of our club is rooted in the difficult post-war years of Frankfurt.
At that time, Elisabeth Norgall, a student counselor, worked as an interpreter for the US Armed Forces and at the same time opened the doors of her home to German and American women, stimulating them to discuss common problems.

Informal conversations led to the conviction that different views can be dealt with in a tolerant way through friendship, mutual understanding and the overcoming of language barriers.
In monthly meetings, which established the rhythm of the club and still today represent the supporting pillars of club life, various current topics were discussed.


The International Women's Club of Frankfurt stemmed from this German-American women's club, to be newly formed and named in 1946. Elisabeth Norgall has received various awards for her commitment, including the Federal Cross of Merit.

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