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Norgall-Price Award 2023
Cristina Latorre

The Elisabeth-Norgall-Award 2023

The award ceremony for this year's Elisabeth Norgall Prize took place on 8th March at Villa Bonn. The Norgall team, led by our 1st Vice President Catalina Szegöffy, had come up with something special to bring us closer to the home country of the award winner Mrs. Cristina Latorre Darquea.

Ecuadorian rose decorations and Latin American sounds of the music group "Canelazo" spread springlike joy and so the wintry weather with snowfall could not harm the cheerful mood of our club members and guests.

With over 100 registrations, the event was so well attended that our venerable Villa Bonn was bursting at the seams.

The greeting from the City of Frankfurt was given by Mrs. Eileen O'Sullivan, representing Dr. Eskan-dari-Grünberg, who had to cancel for scheduling reasons. Mrs. O'Sullivan is with 27 years the youngest member of the magistrate of the city and was our guest for the first time. She was quite enthusiastic about our commitment and the lived internationality in our club. Having grown up bilingual, it was no problem for her to give her speech in English so that our award winner could understand her.

In her laudation, our 1st Vice President Catalina Szegöffy honored Ms. Latorre for her commitment to founding her project "Caemba", with which she gives a new home to women and children made homeless by an earthquake on the coast of Ecuador.

After the presentation of the Elisabeth Norgall Award to Mrs. Latorre, which was accompanied by great applause, she once again described her project to us with impressive photos and films, which confirmed all of us in our choice of her as the award winner.

A very big compliment to Catalina and her team for your work, it was a great event!


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