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Norgall-Price Award 2022
Dr. Gerlinde Förster

This year's award ceremony took place on the 9th of March as a hybrid event, due to the pandemic. The award winner Dr. Gerlinde Förster was welcomed in the Villa Bonn by the president, several members of the board and the Norgall- Committee 2021/2022. The remaining club friends were able to enjoy the event via zoom.

The award ceremony was a very special morning, as we were in thought of our founder Elisabeth Norgall, who would have celebrated her 135th birthday on the 10th of March, one day later.

The event was musically accompanied by Mrs. Sylvia Demgenski. Joseph M.C. Dall´Abaco Caprice Nr. 8 and J.S.Bach from the Suite Nr. 3 in C Dur Sarabanden und Gigue was played.

Our president Mrs. Yong-Hi Yim-Siegels opened the event, followed by Dr. Eskandari-Grünberg who represented the city of Frankfurt.

Afterward the sound of the cello, played by Mrs. Demgenski, enriched the atmosphere.

In the laudatory speech, Norgall-member Heike Wollenhaupt honored Dr. Förster as the award winner, whose main focus is the promotion of artistic women. Early on Dr. Förster identified that mutual understanding between artists and those interested in art can cultivate and thus the need for art and its impact on society can grow. Through her commitment, female artists who were not recognized and in need of support received recognition and a place in society.

The GEDOK (An organization for artists and art patrons) Brandenburg was founded by her in 1994 and she initiated and sustained these goals: to encourage extraordinary artistic performance from women to women and to lead them to success. She created exhibitions, concerts, readings, children's art workshop, workshops and gallery talk´s as part of the GALERIE KUNSTFLÜGEL of the GEDOK projects.

Dr. Förster represents everything in which the Elisabeth Norgall award stands for. Specifically, she has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to facing the problems and concerns which women face, and has connected to individuals through her actions. She received the traditional IWC certificate, flowers were given, and to conclude the event Mrs. Demegenski performed her final Cello piece


IWC Frankfurt e.V.
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