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Regular Meeting October 2021


In the first evening meeting of this year's club year, we welcomed Dr Engel from the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt. The museum sees itself as a discussion forum and place of encounter with Dr Engel being the head of the public relations and communication department. In her lecture we learned about the architecture of the building, the history of the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunications, the collection and the exhibitions.

No communication without encounter - no encounter without communication (even if it is non-verbal) and this has always been the case. Dr Engel gave us an overview of the development possibilities of communication, especially with regard to technical developments.

Using the modern technology of virtual reality, the current exhibition Delightful Garden VR invites and offers an interactive art experience in the Hieronymus Bosch's

Garden of Delights. The 500-year-old painting has been constructed in 3D and brought to life, allowing visitors to engage with the artwork even more intensively.

A visit to this museum is worthwhile for all ages.

The evening ended in the atmospheric Villa Bonn with a wonderful meal and many lively conversations.


IWC Frankfurt e.V.
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