September 2020 Regular Meeting

Our annual Membership Meeting took place in September with reports and discharge of the preceding Board.


Are shows like Netflix a danger to movies? Mrs. Harrington has a clear answer to this question: No!

Technologies are constantly changing - but has television replaced cinema or have films replaced books? No!

People will always want to make films and watch them, and that will not change in the future.

The digitalization of the media and thus of films cannot be stopped. Film culture must develop accordingly - and it is doing so. With model projects such as: "Forum Frühkindliche Filmbildung" (Forum for Early Childhood Film Education), in which educational specialists work together with the DFF and communicate culture via films to children in a vivid way. 

Young people and adults are also enjoying numerous digital tours of museum exhibitions that are particularly exciting in corona times.

Certainly, some studios will only survive the pandemic with difficulty or not at all. New films are difficult to make due to the Corona rules and the number of cinema and museum visitors is severely limited.

Nevertheless, the film will live on; Corona will not slow down cultural creativity if we are willing to adapt to the changed situation. Because:


Everything is film!

Oscars are only awarded to films!

IWC Frankfurt e.V.