Christmas get-together 2020

Like many things this year, our traditional Christmas Tea had to be changed due to COVID-19.

Originally, a Christmas concert was planned as a replacement, but it had to be postponed to spring 2021 due to the continued tightening of Corona measures.

However, after the successful virtual Regular Meeting in November, the idea of a virtual Christmas get-together quickly emerged and numerous members joined in.


After the welcoming words of our President Sabine LangHeinrich-Bartsch, our member and IWC choir director Christa Fülster set the Christmas mood on the piano with Christmas carols from Italy.

Appropriate to these melodies, our member Laura Melara-Dürbeck presented the culinary delights and Christmas traditions in Italy in comparison to those in Germany.

Before our member Roseann Padula, who is currently in the USA, reported on the Christmas tradition in the USA, there were musical intermezzi with video excerpts from the IWC choir at last year's Christmas tea.


To our delight, Mrs. Lavi, home director of the two senior citizens' homes Hohenwald and Kronthal, as well as Mr. Walter, headmaster of the Mosaic School, had also joined our virtual meeting.

In short speeches, they thanked the IWC for its constant support over many years, especially in this challenging year with COVID-19, when everything had to be designed differently.


Our first virtual Christmas get-together was rounded off by Christa Fülster on the piano with "Oh Holy Night" and the trombone choir of the Bethlehem community Frankfurt with "Silent Night, Holy Night" and the Christmas spirit was set...


A heartfelt thank you to all who made this virtual program a success and helped to create it!

IWC Frankfurt e.V.