Christmas Tea December 2018

IWC-Präsidentin und Oberbürgermeiste
Roseann Padula
Chairpersons Seniorenstifte
Special Events Team
Präsidentin und Chorleiterin
Köstlichkeiten aus aller Welt
Sturm aufs Büffet

Thanks to the invitation by Frankfurt’s Lord Mayor we were once again able to celebrate our traditional Christmas Tea on December 12, 2018 in the Emperors’ Hall of the Römer.

Right from the start of the festive program, the Bethlehem parish trombone choir put 230 club members and their guests in a Christmas mood. Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann then welcomed everyone present. The festive program consisted of international Christmas carols sung by the IWC choir “Songs of the World”, a Christmas Story read by our club member Roseann Padula, and further musical contributions from the trombone choir. Our President Cornelia Klaus announced the amount of the collected donations: 8.000 euros will benefit the senior citizen’s homes of Kronthal and Hohenwald as well as the Mosaikschule. Representatives of the institutions gave thanks for the donations in short speeches.

Afterwards, the Christmas Tea community got to enjoy delicacies from around the world in the premises of the Römer, lovingly decorated by the Decoration Team. Special thanks go to the numerous financial and culinary donations, to the Interest Groups for co-designing the festive program, and especially to the Special Events Team that actively supported us prior, during, and after the event.

IWC Frankfurt e.V.