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Regular Meeting October 2018

At our Meeting on October 10, our president Cornelia Klaus once again honored several of our members. These ladies, with up to 40 years of membership each, have enriched club life through their participation in numerous activities over the years. In this context, the 2nd Vice President Nicola Lotz also introduced our new club member Victoria Stille.

​Afterwards Bernd Loebe, a “real Frankfurter“, who has been the Artistic Director of the Frankfurt Opera since 2002, reported on his activities. In particular, it is the close ties to Frankfurt, the close relationship among employees with different cultural backgrounds, and the closeness to an audience spanning generations that inspires Bernd Loebe again and again in his work.

​As far as the future of the building is concerned − whether the two divisions of opera and drama remain together or are separated − „everything is still open“, says Loebe.

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