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Regular Meeting November 2022

We broke new ground with our November meeting by meeting for an English-style afternoon tea at the hotel Frankfurter Hof. This new format was received with high approval.

At tables lovingly and creatively set by our decoration team, we were able to enjoy a variety of sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, delicious cupcakes, coffee and tea.

Nine members were honoured for their many years of membership. Their achievements for the club were individually highlighted by our President.

Dr Patricia Bethlen, curatorial director of the Gold Chamber, then took us on a journey through the museum, from its beginnings to Eldorado.  Celtic gold objects, which include the rainbow bowls, were an important key moment in her lecture, as they stand on the threshold of change from standardised ritual object to coin. Dr Bethlen received great applause for her interesting lecture.


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