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Regular Meeting November 2018

The Regular Meeting in November took place in the elegant rooms of the Villa Bonn. The guests were greeted with four songs, presented by our member Christa Fülster and accompanied by the pianist Friederike Wiesner. In the lecture room the president Cornelia Klaus then introduced the speaker, Dr. Evelyn Brockhoff. How did Frankfurt look in the 19thcentury?

With the help of plans, maps and pictures, Dr. Brockhoff took us back to an era in which the city changed at an unprecedented pace. The demolition of the fortifications at the beginning of the19th century not only created a greenbelt around the city center, it also provided space for a variety of stately garden villas and magnificent country houses. In the long term, bourgeois society changed from a community of estates to a modern, self confident bourgeois community; this is particularly evident in the culture of the building and living styles. In her lecture, Dr. Brockhoff showed us that memorial monuments are not just architectural achievements. They also always reflect social, cultural, economic and political processes.

Appreciative of its history, this evening from the Gründerzeit, which in 1923 became the property of the Frankfurter Gesellschaft für Handel, Industrie undWissenschaft. Dr. Brockhoff was admitted as one of the first four female members.

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