Regular Meeting May 2022

"Surprised - Missed - Fateful"

​Our last Regular Meeting of this club year took place on May 11 with the Annual General Meeting.

The candidates for the Executive Board 2022/2023 were elected with a large majority, as were the auditors standing for election.

The Reinhardshof Children's Home Foundation was chosen as the German welfare project and Charitable Foundation Little House of Hope as the international project, which will receive a donation at the end of the club year through the distribution of surplus club funds.

We were able to welcome the art historian Pascal Heß as a guest speaker, who gave a successful insight into the world of fateful encounters in European art with both his expert and entertaining lecture.

His lecture, entitled "Surprised - Missed - Fateful", gave us his first example of the direct encounter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus at the tomb on the basis of three different paintings and thus three different interpretations.

Another example took us to architecture, specifically to an imposing cathedral in Sicily. Here, different styles meet, such as the typical Norman architectural style with a Jesus mosaic in the typical Byzantine/Greek style with Latin letters executed by Arab craftsmen in the 12th century.

Mr. Heß also presented a painting of the Virgin Mary and the questioning and doubting Joseph after the announcement of the pregnancy.

The lecture ended with a comparison of two paintings showing the same fateful encounter of Samson and Delilah. Mr. Heß particularly emphasised the difference in the depiction of women by the artists Liebermann and Rembrandt.

This very interesting lecture transformed the hall in the Frankfurter Hof for an hour into the lobby of a museum, which we would have liked to walk through for longer.

IWC Frankfurt e.V.