Regular Meeting May 2019

The meeting in the restaurant Germania kicked off with the Annual Membership Meeting election. All the candidates nominated for the Executive Board for 2019/2020 were voted in by great majority.

The German Welfare project INTAKT Girls‘ Refuge Wiesbaden − Association for Supporting Girls in Distress e.V. and the international project Women for Women e. V. were chosen as recipients of the club’s surplus money to benefit their good causes.

To get into the mood, the ladies of the Interest Group “Songs of the World”, directed by Christa Fülster, entertained us with a potpourri of international songs.

“Which conclusions can we make for the daily life of people in earlier centuries based on their clothes?” Dr. Maren Christine Härtel outlined these changes in her presentation based on the narration of the life of numerous interesting female personalities. Annie Londonderry (1970-1947) – the first woman to drive around the world by bicycle – initially began her tour with the dress code prescribed for women at the time: a long skirt and a buttoned up, high neck blouse. Later on during the tour she changed into a “pluderhose” and a men’s jacket, which clothing made the journey travel much faster and more comfortable!

“You are a shameless woman” SPD politician Lenelotte von Bothmer was called, the first women, to give a speech wearing trousers in the German Bundestag in 1970. And even before that, the vice president of the Bundestag, Richard Jaeger (CSU) declared he would not allow any women to enter the plenum in trousers. So the question is: What will the future hold for us in terms of garments we want to wear?

IWC Frankfurt e.V.