An impressive Norgall Prize winner 2020


On March 11, more than 135 club friends and guests met in the Villa Bonn to pay tribute to this year's prize winner Dr. Ingrid Gräfin zu Solms-Wildenfels.

After the welcome by the president Roseann Padula, the pianist and club friend Ekaterina Kitaeva delighted the participants with impressive piano pieces, Fantasy-Impromptu by F.Chopin and "Libertango" by A. Piazzolla in her own arrangement

Mayor Uwe Becker delivered the greetings of the city of Frankfurt and emphasized the importance of social cohesion, especially in an international city like Frankfurt. Our Club shows in its activities and its commitment - in the spirit of Elisabeth Norgall - how it brings people together and supports them.

In her laudatory speech, First Vice President Sabine Schmitt described the individual stages in the life of Dr. Ingrid zu Solms-Wildenfels, especially the development of her Ingrid zu Solms- Foundation. Since the foundation of the IzS-Foundation in 1994, the aim of the foundation, in addition to awarding prizes and recognizing special achievements, has been to reach out to creative young women worthy of support, to support them in the realization of their ideas and thus to use their opportunities with courage, performance and assertiveness to pursue a successful, unprejudiced career with the aim of making a difference in the world before you leave it.

Dr. Katharina Höfer, winner of the Ingrid zu Solms Foundation award in November 2019, outlined in her presentation the support she received through this award.

In her acceptance speech, Dr. Ingrid Gräfin zu Solms-Wildenfels made it clear that it is still difficult for women to reach leadership positions and that the struggle for justice between the sexes continues. The Ingrid zu Solms Foundation will therefore continue to support female elites in the fields of science, culture and human rights.


Norgall-Award-Committee: Sabine Schmitt, Dr. Hannelore Daubert, Gerti Auerbach, Pilar Colino Boronat, Dr. Mirjana Kotowski und Angelika Schaack

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