Virtual Norgall-Award-Ceremony to Anna Fiscale

On March 10, 2021, over 100 club friends and their guests, including members of the Humberside International Women's Club in England, gathered for the virtual Norgall Award Ceremony. It was a special evening in three respects: the first virtual award ceremony in IWC history to an impressive young Italian woman just on the day our Club founder Elisabeth Norgall was born exactly 135 years ago. The virtual award ceremony was completed with music by the Odeon Trio and the Frankfurt Piano Trio.


Our President Dr. Sabine Lang-Heinrich-Bartsch opened the meeting and was followed by greetings from the Italian Consul General Andrea Esteban Sama.

In her laudation, First Vice-President Laura Melara-Dürbeck paid honor to the award winner Anna Fiscale, founder and President of "Progetto Quid", a social and ecological fashion company. Anna employs women from 16 different nations in her company who are victims of exclusion in society and have hardly any chance on the labor market. They work with surplus fabrics that are thrown away every year by Italian fashion houses and textile manufacturers. Anna Fiscale thus brings two things together: People who deserve a second chance and surplus fabrics that are processed and not destroyed. This is also symbolized by the company logo: a clothes peg. It holds together "social environmental and market values”.


With Anna Fiscale, we have found a worthy award winner who not only stands up for the concerns and problems of women in a special way, but is also committed to the current topic of sustainability and fashion. And fashion also has its place in the International Women's Club. We fondly remember many fashion shows we have already experienced together and hopefully will be able to enjoy together again in post-Corona times.

Norgall-Award-Committee 2020/2021:

Dott. Laura Melara-Dürbeck, Dr. Hannelore Daubert, Cornelia Klaus, Dr. Mirjana Kotowski,Elena Vonofakou, Dirkje Zondervan



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