Regular Meeting June 2021 via Zoom


Donation project 2021 „Fit im Leben“ of the Scheuern Foundation



Ceremonial presentation of our donation on June 9, 2021


The residents of Schloß Laurenburg say Thank you the members of the IWC!

This year everything was a little different: the handover of the symbolic check took place at the end of our donation marathon via Zoom.

After the members had chatted for a quarter of an hour, a trailer about our donation project “Fit in Life”, maded by the Special Events Team and Heidi Henschel, was shown. Our president  welcomed in presence of the theological board of directors and chairman of the Scheuern foundation, Pfarrer Biesgen, more than 80 members of the IWC and the residents of Schloss Laurenburg.

Dr. Sabine LangHeinrich-Bartsch was very happy about the outstanding result of the donation marathon:

€ 15,100 came together, which made her “proud and grateful”.

Pfarrer Biesgen thanked very warmly the members saying:

“Today is a special day”, in his eight years with the foundation, the foundation has never received such a donation.

And he quoted Dostoevsky: "To love someone means to see them as God intended them."

A film shot by the Special Events team and Heidi Henschel showed the space where the exercise room will be arranged. The head of physiotherapy, Mrs Carina Gräbke explained which devices can be purchased, including an arm and leg trainer for people who have limited mobility. This is how the "Mobility should be maintained or achieved".

The young German-Japanese pianist Mona Asuka took care of the musical program. She first selected Mozart's Rondo in D major, K. 485, because she was delighted to be able to play again in front of an audience. Then came a piece for heart and soul: the Nocturne Op.9 No.2 in E flat major by Chopin.

After the symbolic handover of the check, the musical program ended with the famous "serenade" of Franz Schubert/Franz Liszt.

With flags from the different countries of the club members, the residents of Schloss Laurenburg thanked loudly and happily the members of the IWC.

The President ended this last meeting of an unusual year with a heartfelt thank you to the members and the Board for the support she has received.

The future president also expressed her thanks for a time that was not always easy.

“Stay healthy” were the closing words of the meeting!

IWC Frankfurt e.V.