Regular Meeting January 2019

At our Meeting on January 9, our president Cornelia Klaus once again honored several of our members. These ladies, with up to 40 years of membership each, have enriched club life through their participation in numerous activities over the years.

Afterwards Anke Fabian took us on an adventure into the “www – changing wonder worlds” with her exciting, interesting and humorous presentation about digitalization. Similar to “Alice in Wonderland”, our own world is full of wonders.

The bold and disruptive journey through the internet started with the invention of Google 20 years ago and was followed by other disruptive events. For example, 14 years ago, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. Computers meanwhile defeated the best chess players, people started ordering online and communication

with people in countries around the world was often done by Skype.

Hence, digitalization is not something that will happen in the future; the process is already underway. Every minute, 187 million emails and 38 million WhatsApp messages are sent, and we look at our mobile phone screens about 88 times per day.

We like finding our way by car assisted by GPS navigation systems and AI helps us to hoover and tells us when the fridge is empty and needs replenishing.

Many of these digital inventions can improve and enrich our lives. However, we always have to keep the consequences in mind. We have to check how to deal with information, have to learn, understand and grasp what is fake and what is real.

“Take care about your own decision. Be careful with what you do with your private data!”

We must not forget which values are important to us, and that we are the ones shaping the world. Anke Fabians motto: Stay curious.

IWC Frankfurt e.V.