Regular Meeting February 2021 via Zoom

Presentation of the donation project 2021

                  „Fit im Leben“ of the Scheuern Foundation


​After the welcome by our President Sabine LangHeinrich-Bartsch, Pastor Gerd Biesgen, theological director and chairman of the board of the Scheuern Foundation, gave an insight into the Scheuern Foundation and its work.

The Foundation has been in existence since 1850. Its goal is to encourage and support people with mental disabilities, acquired brain damage and mental illness, so they may integrate into society, contribute their own ideas, and shape their own future. Currently, about 650 people are cared for by the foundation.        

Pastor Biesgen showed a vivid, short film about people who live and work at the Scheuern Foundation.

Here is the link to the film:

This was followed by a presentation of the Scheuern Foundation's fundraising project "Fit im Leben" (Fit in Life), located at the Schloss Laurenburg residential home. The presentation was made by Ms Petra Blitgen, team leader and Ms Carina Gräbke, specialist head of occupational therapy and physiotherapy. At present, 48 people of different ages live in the Schloss Laurenburg residential home. They are barely mobile on their own and most have a significant need for support.

For the residents, the "Fit im Leben“ project means movement, experience, promotion, development and joy. Regular exercise in everyday life not only has a positive effect on health, but also on personal well-being. Through joint movement, independence, mobility and interactions/contacts between the residents are promoted, which supports "living together". General fitness, strengthening as well as mobility, balance training and perception are achieved without disregarding play and fun factors.

With the project "Fit im Leben", a movement room is to be set up that gives the residents the opportunity to keep body and mind active within the framework of their desires and talents. This requires individual equipment adapted to the motor and cognitive abilities of the residents. Thus, in addition to special strengthening and mobility training equipment, game consoles for interactive movement (e.g. bowling, tennis) are planned.

Our donations would make it possible to establish the movement room and equip it with the necessary special equipment and materials.


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