February 2019 Regular Meeting -  Presentation of the donation project 2019

On February 13, the Regular Meeting took place at the Hotel InterContinental Frankfurt. First the new members of the club were introduced and welcomed by our second vice president Nicola Lotz. Afterwards, the February meeting was dedicated to this year's donation project INSECT WORLD: DIVERSITY UNDER THREAT. With great pleasure our president Cornelia Klaus announced the support of the project and Mrs. Petra Roth as patron.

Dr. Roßmanith, head of the department "Education and Mediation" of the Senckenberg Natural History Museum, and the biologist Ms. Sistig informed and inspired us in a very exciting and interesting lecture about the project and content of the workshops from the school year 2019/2020, which are intended to show the pupils the importance of insects for our entire ecosystem. The concept was newly developed with natural scientists of the museum in coordination with the IWC. The death of insects has reached alarming proportions. We must act: in the interest of biodiversity and the associated quality of life for people!

A special highlight was the binoculars brought along by the speakers. During the Social Hour, our members had the opportunity to admire various insect preparations under the guidance of Ms. Sistig.

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