Outing to the Sculpture Garden at the Ludwigshöhe September 2020

It was one of the last perfect Summer days as the garden group „Es grünt so grün“ visited the Ludwigshöhe in Darmstadt-Eberstadt.

11 Ladies were led through the garden paradise which offered a magnificent background for the Joachim Kuhlmann sculptures.

In 2002 Joachim and his wife Elisabeth created a place which comforts the heart and soul.   Works of art, studio and home are to be found in a garden landscape reminiscent of the Toscana.

Afterwards we all enjoyed a picnic of home-made delicacies which rounded off a perfect visit.

First meeting of the interest group „Littérature Française /French Literature in 2020

This group was formed in the 1980s by Maryan Herr, a future president of the IWC, and still exists today with some original and some new participants. At present we have eight members of varying nationalities.
We read French literature, in French, both classical and contemporary, which leads to  lively discussion and exchange of ideas at our monthly meetings.  Covering an average of eight to ten books a year, over time we have accumulated an impressive total of 300 to 350 books!
Chairpersons: Marie-Thérèse Schütz and Irene Steuernagel

IWC Frankfurt e.V.