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It's a well-known fact: everybody has to eat; eating is an existential matter. Doing this together has always been an important social act for us humans. Sharing food, preparing food for other people, and eating together can unite, promote exchange, overcome marginalization and open up new horizons. To break down barriers, the Hessian Deaf Association and Hearing Impaired together with the board member Sascha Nuhn have created a very special place: at Frankfurt's Resto-Café Sinn&Wandel (Bornheimer Landstraße, 48), deaf and hearing staff welcome guests, helping to break down fears of contact and creating understanding for one another. During social events, which are aimed equally at hearing and deaf people, sign language interpreters translate in both directions so that all guests are included. What makes it extraordinary: The combined café and restaurant is  not only an inclusive business that employs people with disabilities and prepares them for the primary labor market, but is also a place full of mindfulness, tolerance and respect for others. We should practice changing perspectives, because this approach is not only exciting, but also of great importance for self-determination, participation and inclusion.


Why are we supporting this project? To break down further barriers, a cooking bike is intended to take the café's mission out into the world among "hearing and speaking people". A moveable cooking station that can be used at events and festivities! With our donation, we are helping people to help themselves.  When deaf people ride the Cooking Bike to street festivals, the banking district and the city center; are present at private events; and offer food and drinks to hearing people, jobs for deaf people in the café are secured and new jobs are created.  At the same time, the visibility of deaf people in the city center is increased and new contacts and points of contact are created between hearing and deaf people. The profit generated by the Cooking Bike flows back into charitable projects to support deaf people, so our start-up funding will continue to bear fruit. On the Cooking Bike, the support of the IWC is highlighted so that everyone can see that the members of the IWC stand strongly on the side of deaf people and people with disabilities.


Who is the receiver of our donation? The donation will be made to KomFIT non-profit GmbH, which runs the Resto-Café Sinn&Wandel as an inclusion organization and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hessian Association for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired. The company pursues non-profit and charitable purposes exclusively and directly, and operates selflessly. The managing director is Sascha Nuhn, who is deaf.


Why do deaf people need our support? You can't tell deaf people have a disability. They only stand out when they use sign language, but hardly anyone who can hear understands them or knows anything about deaf people. Deaf people are not present in society's consciousness and are simply forgotten in many national funding programs. The Cooking Bike is a building block so that hearing people become aware of deaf people and engage with them. Then something will change.

Sascha Nuhn’s motto: "Nothing is impossible': because there is a solution for everything!"


President Laura Melara-Dürbeck


Please support this campaign generously!



IBAN: DE 82 5001 0060 0058 9876 06

Reason for payment: Donation International Friendship Evening 2024/ Name

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