Regular Meeting April 2019

At the outset of the program, the candidates for next year’s executive board were introduced: President Roseann Padula, First Vice President Sabine Schmitt, Second Vice President

Saskia McGregor, Recording Secretary Angela Schäfer, Corresponding Secretary Yun Kruse, Treasurer Inge Paulus and Deputy Treasurer Rita Werner. We then welcomed our

new member, the wife of the Indonesian consul, Rachma Yulianti Toferry.

In his lecture “Marketing in the 21st century: How advertising is changing“, Dr. Uwe Vorkötter, editor of the trade magazine „Horizont“, from the outset drew a fascinating picture of advertising as posters on billboards in the middle of the 19th century to advertisements in newspapers and magazines to the next steps in radio and television. He concluded by commenting on the individualistic approach of current advertisements in today’s social media.

In 1933, Procter & Gamble broadcast the first radio commercial for a detergent in a series

called “Ma Perkins” and as of this time these shows were aptly called “soap opera”. Persil’s

“White Lady” who wrote advertising history for over 70 years, had blond or brunette hair – but

regardless of her looks, she always wore lilywhite dresses: with the help of Persil! Depicting women in roles such as cleaning ladies and cooks, the advertising world of the 1950's accordingly shaped the image of women. Today, this kind of advertising is unimaginable.

The Marlboro cowboy, another iconic figure in the ad world, was played by at least a dozen

of actors who for decades represented the taste of freedom and adventure – by smoking.

Today companies approach potential clients by seeking to engage them in a dialogue using all social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As with so many other areas connected to digitalization in the internet, we have to be careful that we are not externally controlled by nor

let our decisions be manipulated by the net.

The attendees were thrilled both by Dr.  Vorkötter’s presentation as well as by the ambience and the quality of the food in the Adina hotel where we gathered for the first time.

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